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Learning the signs with their correct interpretation is essential to prevent accidents as well as essential for aspiring drivers in passing the evaluative exam to obtain a driver’s license.

Traffic signs have the function of organizing traffic by alerting or informing the driver about the traffic in the place where they are located.
While most of the signs we see on the roads, highways or streets we know them, we do not always know the correct meaning.
This guide on the signs will help you to know all the traffic signs, necessary to take the theoretical exam to obtain the driving license.

On the one hand there are the Regulatory or prescriptive ones, which have the mission of announcing to the driver the limitations, prohibitions or restrictions; its breach being a violation of a normal one. The posters of this type of signs have: rings, oblique lines in red, white backgrounds and black symbols.
Within the regulations, we will find those of prohibition, restriction and priority.

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