I have a driver license from another country

If you have a driver license from another country then USA and want to get a NYS license, you must apply for a learner permit at DMV office and take the written test. You can prepare by reading the New York State Driver’s Manual and taking practice tests   study the NY State Driver’s Manual and take the practice tests

    • tests are given in 14 languages: English, Albanian, Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian and Spanish
    • to pass, you must get at least 14 of the 20 multiple-choice questions correct
    • this includes the correct answers to at least two of the four questions about road signs if you are applying for a motorcycle permit, you must get at least three out of the five motorcycle questions correct.                                               Before going to the DMV make sure you have the documents and proofs of identification you need https://process.dmv.ny.gov/documentguide/?s=lic 
    • Go to DMV
    • You must pass a vision test when you apply for a driver license or to renew your license. The test must show that you have visual acuity of at least 20/40 (based on the Snellen Visual Acuity Scale) in either or both eyes, with or without corrective lenses. You may take a vision test at a DMV office or your vision test results may be submitted to DMV.
    • Take your written test. Study the NY State Driver’s Manual and take the practice tests   Wait up to 2 weeks for your permit (plastic card) to come in the mail.
    •  Prepare for your road test.   You must take a 5-hour Pre-licensing Course before you take your road test. This is a DMV-approved, standardized classroom course that provides knowledge you will need as a new driver. When you successfully complete the course, you will be given a Pre-licensing Course Certificate (MV-278). You must bring the original certificate to your road test to turn in to the license examiner.