Refresher Lessons. Nervous Driver

hould you get refresher driving lessons?             Do you often feel intimidated, uncomfortable or panicked when driving? Are You Nervous Driver?

If you’re not consistently using it, you can lose any skill – even the ability to drive safely. Losing confidence or skill is not something to be ashamed of, it’s become easier to get around in New York City and you may only need to drive every so often. It can be dangerous though if you develop bad driving habits or forget safe driving manoeuvres.  Whether you’ve spent some time without your license or you’re just looking for a skill and confidence boost, refresher driving lessons can help you get back up to speed.

Our refresher lessons will help you gain your confidence!

We offers refresher courses for all drivers wanting to improve their skills and specialize in working with older drivers and those whom are returning to driving.

Refresher Driving Courses / $99 for 2 Hours

Refresher lesson can be custom tailored to meet your needs. As a sample if your preparing for your road trip a refresher course will cover everything you need before your trip (enter to highway and exit from, changing lanes etc.). You will drive in the less traffic streets in the city. If you have already passed your test but haven’t driven for a while, our refresher lessons are the perfect solution. We prepare students to get the confidence they need to be able to drive on Highways and busy main roads with heavy traffic and aggressive, inconsiderate drivers. Most commonly we assist students with the following aspects of their driving:

    • Local Traffic signs.
    • Intersections and right-of-way
    • Speed management
    • Driving on the motorway/higway
    • Parking lot safety and manoeuvres
    • Car judgement
    • Driving at night